Sound, Performance 20’

Scores 11 pages



This is an opera in colaboration with spirits. The piece is based on the Huaorani world view “There is no differentiation between the physic and spiritual worlds, the spirits are present through the world” and in the practices transmitted by my ancestors.

The play encompasses an action in the Ecuadorian Amazonian jungle, a performance, scores of the opera and a sound installation that corresponds to the audio register of the performance.

The action was taken in the Ecuadorian Amazonian region; this consisted in transcribing to a score the melodies that were heard, my body was the scenario where the spirits acted.

These sounds were interpreted using lyric voice in a live performance subsequently; the audio recordings were projected in the same space.


Acquisition Award Fundación Municipal Bienal de Cuenca.
Curator: Jacopo Crivelli, Manuela Moscoso
House of the Arches (Casa de los Arcos). Cuenca, Ecuador.


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