Sound action, Performance 50’



The play is an aerial river of sounds that crosses the city of Guadalajara, the sound in the air is a melodic interpretation of the chemical composition of water, the numeric digits of the physical composition of this vital liquid are transformed into Hertz and turned into a musical piece, this sound is projected by air megaphone, by means of loudspeakers. The light aircraft goes over the path of the river San Juan de Dios that is nowadays hidden by urban processes; this is piping underground the city. Formally the sound action explores the aesthetic possibilities in the duality between sound and visuals, the real object and its representation, the underground and the underheaven, different narratives, but not antagonistic.

The project also includes alternate activities such as live performance and photographic performance, consecutive actions that will create a closer connection between the public and the work of art.

With the support of the Secretary of Culture of the State of Jalisco and the H. Local Government of Guadalajara. Made within the residence “Think the Latin-American praxis, plastic of neo-revolutionary exercises”  (Pensar la praxis, plástica Latinoamericana de ejercicios neo-revolucionarios)


Curator: Javier Cárdenas Tavizon, Satino Escatel, Alejandro Foumier.


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