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Video performance 4’12’’



MOCHA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Works a musical piece with the “Mocha Band” afro-ecuadorian musical group slave’s descendent that have the particularity of using as musical instruments elements extracted from nature as a leave of a “capulí’s” tree or bitter orange’s tree or the “puro” that is a kinf of cut pumpkin or “mochada”- the group took its name thanks to that-, that imitate occidental instrument’s sounds.

I interpret, with the accompaniment  of “Mocha Band”, the aria “Lascia ch’io pianga” of Hämdel, baroque musical theme that refers to liberty. Singed in Spanish, the dissonant aria translate us into a game with history and now-a-days reality.


Video made in el Chota, Ecuador. With the support of the Italian Embassy in Ecuador.
Curator: Mónica Vorbeck
Arte Actual, FLACSO. Quito, Ecuador


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