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Since 2004 to the present (still in progress)


Transient Modulation is a musical term; this refers to the temporal changes of tonality during the song. I adopt this dynamic to introduce myself temporarily in different musical genres aiming to explore vocal timbres, rhythms, musical forms, social and visual aspects that can exist in a environment.


Tecno Cumbia

Group Sweet Poison (Dulce Veneno) 2004


Melodic Power

Collaborations with the group Southern Cross recording the disc “Without return”( Sin Retorno) 2011

“Return to Heaven” (Regreso al Eden) chorus



Integrates the chorus in the project Inti Raima organized by the Franzt Lizt Conservatory.

(Bolivar Theater 2001) Teatro Bolívar



Part of the cast representing Jabberwocky in the opera “The misfortunes of Alice in Wonderland” (Las desventajas de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas) directed by the prodessor Javier Andrade Córdova.

(Theater of the National Conservatory of Music. 2009)

Participates in “A Summer with Mozart” (Un Verano con Mozart) Arias of Opera Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart directed by the Professor Nancy Yánez (House of Music 2009) Casa de la Música

Part of the cast representing the Witch 1 in the opera “Dido and Eneas” (Dido y Eneas) Under the Musical direction of the Professor Miguel Juárez and the scenic direction of the Professor Ovidio González. (Theather of the National Conservatory of Music 2010)


National Music

Part of the vocal group PASIONAL formed in 2010 under the musical direction of Luis Pantoja. Debute in the Concert of Ecuadorian Lyric Voices made in the Prometeo Theater of Casa de la Cultura and Mexico Theater. (2010 -2011)




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